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  1. airblue

    Unlimited 50 pesos again!!!

    Unlimited 50 pesos again!!! Easy step... Download SPENN Wallet on Playstore. Mag sign up lang. Ito pinaka importante para makuha nyu ung 50 pesos, pag skip nyu to walang 50 kasi nagkamali ako nung una skip ko... Kaya nag ulit lang ako.. Ganito gawin para kuha agad... Sign up muna...
  2. T

    Tips Get free 50 pesos upto 1250 using paymaya on messenger

    Free 50 pesos upto 1250 using paymaya on messenger Requirements (y)Cellphone (y)Internet Connection (y)Latest Messenger App Installed on Your Phone Click here to pm me on facebook for refferal link and instructions
  3. eskabetse16

    Tips free load

    Sa hindi pa nakaka alam ng free load at free net data Ito po yung procedure Step 1. Download FREENET on Play Store Step 2. Register your phone number Step 3. Click the buttons on the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the app Step 4. Click the input code Step 5. Put this code: FHCTQZ And get instant 50MB...
  4. P

    Tutorial GOUNLI25

    For Globe/TM User Only Guys eto Free GOUNLI25 +Unlitext to all networks +Unlicall to globe/tm/cherry/abscbn +30MB Data valid for 2days hanggang ngayon na lng to dec.28.2017 Simple lang ang gagawin: 1.Text PM GO <Pangalan> example: PM GO Jose Rizal 2. Send to 292909 Tapos Wait nyo lang ng ilang...
  5. Devb21

    Free Web Hosting by Pinascloud.com

    No Bullsh*t! Get your free hosting with no ads. Free for all Noypi.net Members! Please hurry as this offer is valid only until the end of September. Reviews/Feedback will be highly appreciated. Link: https://clients.pinascloud.com/index.php?_url=/order/pluto Please use PHCTLAUNCH2017 upon...
  6. R

    Create traffic and get paid.

    Welcome to Pluggle - Earn Money from Daily Login. START TO EARN UNLIMITED INCOME THRU AFFILIATE MARKETING This is your chance to EARN more in 3 easy way! LOGIN - EARN - SHARE Register for free and activate! https://pluggle.com.ph/register?aff=EYr8hR4A For activation of account, you need to...
  7. D

    Tutorial No Cap

    (happy) Feedback at Like lang masaya nako (happy) Una register ka ng U15 to 8080 then on data connection tapos mag browse browse ka muna (USING DEFAULT BROWSER) Then Off data Then Register T5 to 8080 On Data Then Tadaaa (y) Working sakin to as off now 3 months ko na gamit
  8. Azzy

    Shadowshocks 10GB Invitation codes - Shadowsocks Account

    Create your own shadowsocks account https://www.feifeiss.com/ Use this invitation codes. 2084045 CRaVpl5pdQLagnm0aLx7XN6eB3Enn3jG 可用 2084052 4Mph1OMZ3ynieOYUsrcNE0FNxKNPKVSv 可用 2084040 WtRTJXxh48SVQRGgEcZeu8SHCihsbMXU 可用 2086038 qGmpHep05NRzkUYWH2VGjL39v51g4cug 可用 2084044...
  9. Azzy

    Shadowshocks 100GB Invitational code - Shadowsocks Account

    Create your own Shadowsocks Account. Paunahan na lang kayo. Click this link: https://www.ttkk.ml/auth/register/ Copy niyo lang itong mga invitation codes. Pili lang kayo dyan ng isa. b5DkBBssmgU3l46tFlh0aJLEPFHi5ZDD UEwR7rQwlb4tkG4NbWax24tUJ8zcrk8t...
  10. B

    Shadowshocks Shadowshocks Free Website Registration :)

    1. https://Get.freevpnss.me 2. https://Freessr.xyz 3. https://shadow.tunnelz.online 4. http://get.ishadow.website/ 5. http://www.jericoss.n.nu/
  11. uekikilua


    Subukan niyo Zamboanga Peninsula FREE INTERNET smartbro user. try niyo rin TEXT,CALL kasi all around sa akin ngayon SANA gumana sa AREA NINYO. don't forget to HIT LIKE and THANKS