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  1. N

    Tutorial How to retrieve FOGOTTEN GLOBE NUMBER

    SHARE KO lang sa mga nakalimotan ang Globe/tm numbers nla..na wla clang load pantext dahil d malodan ang sariling number. or Hindi makapag sos dahil nakautang na at nalimotan tlaga ang number nila.. :) i think kunti palang ang nakakalam nito... simpleng thank you lang..ok na ito.. dial *90#...
  2. M

    Shadowshocks New shadowsocks site.

    LINK : http://www.noypi.net/threads/free-fast-shadowsocks-site.552/#post-1850 don't forget to hit LIKE and THANKS.
  3. M

    .ehi Jpbautista ehi.✌

    FRESH NA FRESH EHI. Need load or promo tulad ng S5 OR COC5 send to 8080 NOTE! GLOBE AND TM ONLY.✌ https://dropmb.com/download/7f7183971306a37c5f7501fc153a84b2.html Fast sa -youtube -google -facebook -coc -try nyo din sa MOBA #say thanks lang po and like salamat.
  4. TheAvengers

    .prx Fast prx with 3 server

    Wag hit and run. Like muna bago download. Kailangan ko Feedback nyo kung working.
  5. TheAvengers

    Globe & TM Apn pampabilis sa postern,injector at phispon

    APN: 74-41-15-51.rev.cloud.scaleway.com Proxy: Port: 8080 Authetication: PAP/CHAP like! and Feedback! Wag Hit and Run.