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http injector

  1. R

    Globe & TM Http Injector ssl method 5 days

    Http Injector Ssl Method valid only for 5 days... Link:https://www.datafilehost.com/d/ef3c462f Open for Rooted/Non Rooted Wifi/Data All Sim Just Put SNI o Server Name Indication to ads(.)gstatic(.)com port 443 to connect Promo??? Gtm:Gs Tnt:Babad promos Smart:aoc20 -feedback
  2. R

    Smart & TNT Http injector 5 days config

    Http Injector Config Valid 5 days only Fast Server Ip:Singapore Gtm/Tnt/Sun Root/Non Root Wifi/Data TNT ML10 PROMO https://www.datafilehost.com/d/4e5346fd TNT IG10 PROMO https://www.datafilehost.com/d/e8a7e98f TNT COC10 PROMO https://www.datafilehost.com/d/cdc76a82 TNT SNAP10 PROMO...
  3. P

    Globe & TM HTTP Injector Export Html and Text art in a Placeholder Tutorial

    Para sa Bago palang sa Text Art Dito kayo mag Umpisa Hanap kayo , SSH Server na may Dropbear port na 80 o 143 i try nyo kung pwede sa 143 tapos kapag I export nyo na nakalagay sa placeholder ito naman ang gawin nyo Para itong Direct SSL type Ehi na Direct Tunnel SSH Hindi na gumagamit ng...
  4. airblue

    Globe & TM Hpi and ehi premium fast rp and ssh configuration latest

    7days fast ehi & hpi latest With Proxy Aunthentication best Sa mga online gamer,watch live video and heavy downloader FR PREMIUM SG PREMIUM hpi update one month hpi link here hpi link here 1 EHI update one month EHI HERE EHI HERE 1 HTTP Injector Application for Pc...
  5. airblue

    Globe & TM HPI and EHI airblue Configuration test

    airblue Configuration test
  6. airblue

    Globe & TM 7days fast ehi & hpi latest

    7days fast ehi & hpi latest hpi update one month hpi link here hpi link here 1 EHI update one month EHI HERE EHI HERE 1 HTTP Injector Application for Pc a-dev1412_HPI_0.0.0.8 clickhere click here1 click here2 HTTP Injector Application for cp click1 click2 click3
  7. junior

    Tutorial NEW HTTP Injector v4.3.0 (73) with Shadowsocks support

    Hello mga noypi :) May bagong update na pala ang injector ito po ang LINK . Uninstall muna yung naka install na injector then click yung link. WHAT'S NEW Public Beta - version 4.3.0, once stable we will roll out another version. [Added] - Android 8.1 support - SSL (stunnel) over SSH -...
  8. lilithmitnick

    .ehi 30 days EHI

    i-javascript.blogspot.com Info are Free. Internet is Free. Internet is Info. Tested on the following Networks: Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, Suncell Optionals: Additional Basic Settings -Enable "Data Compression". -Enable "UDP Forwarding". -Use Open DNS below for internet speed increase...
  9. skellum

    .ehi GTM 1 month fast config

    Merry Christmas mga Noypi! ==> Globe/TM ==> Open for rooted/non-rooted ==> Mobile & pocket wifi ==> Tested for online games (COL2/Clash Royale/UFC) ==> Facebook/ÿôutubê ==> Good for downloading ==> Need GS or any promo if can't connect DOWNLOAD
  10. junior

    Globe & TM One month .ehi

    Exclusive for Noypi only. * GTM only * Need GS or any promo * Open for rooted/non-rooted * Online games (Clash Royale/COL2/UFC) * Youtube/Facebook * Browsing/Surfing/Downloading * expires on January 5, 2018 DOWNLOAD
  11. G

    .ehi 30 Days na pang gaming

    New Update, Gaming Ehi.. Globe/TM ⚠ Accept Globe Switch Offers ⚠ REDEEM FB1D to 4438 Smart/TNT ⚠ AOC20 to 9999 ⚠ AT10 to 9999 ⚠ IG10 to 9999 ✔ Free Internet Access ✔ Facebook ✔ Google ✔ Youtube ✔ Gaming ✔ Fast and Easy Connect ✔ Low Ping ⚠ Also Open for: ✔ Non Rooted/Rooted ✔ Pocket Wifi...
  12. junior

    .ehi 5 days - expires on Nov. 15 - GTM only

    Depende pa rin po sa location para makakonek. Subukan nyo rin CDC trick kung hirap kumonek. Manila area ako at tinest ko muna yan bago ko ibahagi sa inyo. This will expire on Nov. 15 '17. Note na kelangan po ng GS or promo. Exclusive for Noypinians only. Paki check na lang po ibang details sa...
  13. junior

    .ehi 7 days expiry for GTM

    Sa mga nahihirapan pong makakonek kay Postern/Shadowsocks. Subukan nyo po itong config ko for HTTP Injector. Nasa loob ng ehi ang detalye. Good luck!!! LINK
  14. Dadzyours

    .ehi All in one payload for Globe,TM,TNT and Smart

    Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam dito! Try niyo lang kung gumagana sa inyo.
  15. Dadzyours

    Globe & TM Muling nabuhay

    Gagana sa akin kahit walang promo. Try niyo din, feedback po kung ok sa inyo.