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  1. F

    Help SS

    Guys patulong naman jan.
  2. S

    Shadowshocks Feedback

    Good day mga kanoypi..... Tanong lang about kay shadowsocks.. Gumagana pa ba si shadowsocks sa inyo yung no need load/no promo/no gs... Salamat sa inyong feedback....
  3. junior

    Shadowshocks Shadowsocks Sites

    https://pro.cess365.cn/auth/register http://www.gfrog.me/code https://vip.5dyun.cn/code https://www.lbblbb.top/code https://www.tkccphc.onl/#forbidden#/code http://www.tkss1.ml/code http://ss.3gzn.cn/code https://www.speeder.gq/code https://fastspeed666.info/code http://ss.acghx.net/code...
  4. wtfudge

    Shadowshocks My 100gb shadowsocks account

    Good day mga ka noypi, matagal tagal na rin nung last na nag share ako kaya eto po fresh 100gb Shadowsocks account para sa inyo :) 服务器地址: 服务器端口:59210 加密方式:aes-256-cfb 密码:wtfudge143 协议:origin 协议参数: 混淆:plain 混淆参数: Tried and tested ko na yan, feedback and like na lng kung working sa...
  5. naRRivz

    .prx Manual server for postern, sscap , sstap etc.

    Server IP: sf1.mubiale.info Server Port: 13666 Server password: memes Encryption: aes-256-cfb Your Thank you and like is appreciated
  6. junior

    Shadowshocks 10x Invitation Code - 8/30/2017

    1) 17698 97cRBqQ26GKvk7mWTAfvClNuA59Ugdjw Available 2) 17697 N4tswahEMz8Lsh6LCcyLwlXNGvjU1QJ1 Available 3) 17696 KOfTlwuxrylSnDoPiCiJfk2wO5UO7MhJ Available 4) 17695 RYytzokgs6zZiTLJwYHS8ALv6FSNv0zL Available 5) 17694 Lt; / RTI & gt; Available 6) 17693 W2tzVl4DkJQXx8mEefQKjisT8R2jYXV9 Available...
  7. cerberus

    Shadowshocks as of 8/31/2017 Shadowsocks Account unknown expiration

    SSTAP version <<< D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D Tested using SSTAP & SSCAP 4.0 iGrab na habang working pa siya. (happy) Shadowsocks: EM:[email protected]:Port aes-256-cfb:65686555. @ rc4-md5:[email protected]: aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:8080...
  8. Chadrich

    Shadowshocks Hypersonic Dashing Server For Premium Members! **Updated 09/09

    (phflag) Hello Noypeeps (phflag) Sorry po, sa mga ensigns natin jan, lock ko muna for premium members. the last time I checked 158 ang connected sa server. The number of connections in my server doesn't match the number of peeps online here, so para iwas sa pagkalat at pagdown ng server...
  9. D

    Shadowshocks Shadowsocks Manual

    Server address: s1.x3x.bid Port: 1025 Password: google Encryption method: aes-256-cfb Server address: s2.x3x.bid Port: 1024 Password: kingss Encryption method: aes-256-cfb Server address: s0.x3x.bid Port: 1025 Password: google Encryption method: aes-256-cfb
  10. D

    Shadowshocks Shadowsocks Manual Lifetime

    aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443 aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443 aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443 aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443 aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443 aes-256-cfb:[email protected]:443
  11. Azzy

    Shadowshocks 10GB Invitation codes - Shadowsocks Account

    Create your own shadowsocks account https://www.feifeiss.com/ Use this invitation codes. 2084045 CRaVpl5pdQLagnm0aLx7XN6eB3Enn3jG 可用 2084052 4Mph1OMZ3ynieOYUsrcNE0FNxKNPKVSv 可用 2084040 WtRTJXxh48SVQRGgEcZeu8SHCihsbMXU 可用 2086038 qGmpHep05NRzkUYWH2VGjL39v51g4cug 可用 2084044...
  12. Azzy

    Shadowshocks 100GB Invitational code - Shadowsocks Account

    Create your own Shadowsocks Account. Paunahan na lang kayo. Click this link: https://www.ttkk.ml/auth/register/ Copy niyo lang itong mga invitation codes. Pili lang kayo dyan ng isa. b5DkBBssmgU3l46tFlh0aJLEPFHi5ZDD UEwR7rQwlb4tkG4NbWax24tUJ8zcrk8t...
  13. Chadrich

    Globe & TM QR Codes! Pasukin nyo na!

    Scan nyo lang, tinamad ako kunin isa isa manual config kaya qr code na lang. haha. Servers: US, Japan, SG - resets after 6 hours. Works for all devices, no load / promo needed. Like muna bago mag hit n run.
  14. M

    Hi! I am new here

    Hello everyone, Misguided Centaur is on your screen and i am here to get some new updates on postern.Maybe i can make an account if you are willing to teach me :)
  15. eskabetse16

    .prx ESKABETSE16 2fast Servers

    server 1> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/78943e31 server 2> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/5a32e86f enjoy guys :)
  16. eskabetse16

    .prx eskabetse prx

    pa try lang po ng .prx ko download link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/8c4038fc unknown expiry po yung lang po salamat po Haha :)
  17. wtfudge

    Shadowshocks 12hr. fresh shadowsocks manual config

    Bagong gawang ss, try nyo lang :) SERVER 38.SHADOW.TUNNELZ.ONLINE PORT 29328 PASSWORD wtfudge28 ENCRYPTION AES-256-CFB Munting contribution ko lng, pagpasensyahan nyo na hehe
  18. Azzy

    .prx 08/18/17 Fast & working Manual Configs

    (lightning)(lightning) SScap & Postern Configs....:)(y) Server IP: Server port: 12652 Password: takeitORleaveit Method: chacha20 Server IP: Server port: 12652 Password: takeitORleaveit Method: chacha20 Server IP:ger1.feifeiss.com Server port:12652 method:chacha20...
  19. junior

    Globe & TM Free Invitation Code for Shadowsocks/Postern

    1. Rc2YBk5JbWqKgNPyez2BhvsHkfDpPgqa Available 2. ZM5SJA9ixqhjvPVtLLcv9KQ4GUp96hE6 Available 3. JiRYrc4X3K5MZrsCqSivEQE2GepztiFv Available 4. NA4qMkFT4icJFzQWyWR6LhHe2sr9SUCy Available 5. FnFSBkfHzzrwPi6VtguTjmLni6aU4GtU Available FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE...
  20. fistiron

    Shadowshocks working shadowsocks/prx :))

    gtm user open4all ➡Server 1 ➡IP: ➡Port: 7777 ➡Password: mobi.trustlab.skyeye.7777 ➡Enryption: aes-256-cfb ➡Allocation: 500Gb ➡ Expiry Date: Unknown enjoy:)) all is well