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  1. Peach

    Smart & TNT KTR Config need fb promo

    KPNTunnel Rev Configs - Need fb promo - Import the file - Both 7 days SG1 https://dropmb.com/download/d4abf6441166a0a5dc637f111918dd55.html FR1 https://dropmb.com/download/6411784209bf6c5a9af5a0514283652c.html Btw wag palalagpasin ng 1GB used data mo
  2. Noscire

    Smart & TNT Xp psiphon + fast apn settings

    Xp psiphon First time ko po magshare..try this xp psiphon config for talkntext only. Use the apn settings I provided..it can bypass the 200mb capping.. at para mabypass..CDC and testing...(ex. Mgyoutube ka)..please respect my thread and no bushing kpg sa iba Hindi gumana..pero I assure you...
  3. airblue

    Smart & TNT NETPASSVPN fast premium latest

    NETPASSVPN Creadit to owner Mabuhay ka po For tnt only ig10 send 4545 Same ps pa din or see screenshot Settings for gtm,trams, iba set up nya kayo na hanap ps and promo nyo.. For handler: Check box nakita nyo maliit Proxy type: Real host Proxy server: Try developers*google*.com Tanggalin...
  4. Leech3r

    .ehi ehi/hpi w/pr0mo Fresh smart/tnt <3

    For Smartbro try ibang SIM Baka gumana VISMIN no need load 400 Status Block Rooted Expiration: Sept 20 2017 Open RP: Dito kayo magkuha ng RP kung sakaling gusto nyo pabilisin pa https://hidemy.name/en/proxy-list/?country=CLFRINIDNLSGUAGBUS&ports=80,8080,3128&type=hs#list 8/21/2017 DOWNLOAD...
  5. simweigh

    Help shadowsocks for (smart/tnt) meron po ba

    gandang araw po ask ko lang po sana kung meron po kayong nakatagong config ng sscap/shadowsocks para po sa smart/tnt..sana po mabigyan nyu po ako ..salamat po