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  1. csumbillo

    Shadowshocks Pasok mga Paps. Humahagulgol sa Dami

    Warning: Wag Gamitan Ng Pinagbabawal Na Teknik Na Torrent Please Lang.. Wag Ipost Sa FB Features: High Speed Server Unkown Expiration Speed Defend On Your Location. Downloading Non-Stop strêâmïng Non-Stop Gaming 100+ MS Browsing Non-Stop Health IP Port Password Method...
  2. E

    Newbeee.... Help.. :D

    Sino po may alam ng Sscap For Globe/SmartPa tut naman po. plss


    Hello gusto ko lang eshare ang PAID server ko sa SS. diko kasi ginagamit. hit like and thanks lang po. ok na sa akin :) GOOD FOR 10TB. for AAP TUNNEL use manual code ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6bm95cGlkb3RuZXRAcDE3LnNoYWRvdy50dW5uZWx6Lm9ubGluZToxMzI2MA==#Premium-shadow.tunnelz.online...
  4. Crys Tyne

    .prx Manual Config [Open for all]

    [NEW!] Sept 04, 2017 Server: Port:42274 Method:aes-256-cfb Pass:fkSep3 Server: Port:42274 Method:aes-256-cfb Pass:fkSep3 Server: Port:42274 Method:aes-256-cfb Pass:fkSep3 Server: Port:42274 Method:aes-256-cfb Pass:fkSep3...
  5. Kuyamak

    Shadowshocks No browse SHADOWSOCKS fix

    Para lang ito sa mga SSCAP USER na no browse, kung meron kayong dagdag kaalaman share niyo lang kasi di po ako expert sa mga ganito ang sa aking lang is makaconnect ako at makatulong din sa iba. Sa mga gumagamit ng shadowsocks na nagkakaproblema sa no browse ito ang sulotion para makapagbrowse...
  6. A

    Tutorial BAGO lang ako kya lubusin kuna tulong ko sa inyo.

    creat your own server sscap/ssr all you need to do is click invitation code. CLICK AND FILL UP then GET 10GB 3391 8sgffKf1XTTkEdQvOtANee1fbGJlenyu Available 3407 BC45EXI35VuYbRWxKjDH02qeL5PuSPFt Available 3408 MYoQxav8bpSgq8ez8iMSL1eO5T5dzIwh Available 3409 PQKUH6FQE7FSW2cI5iZ2xZNSGTcZlROl...
  7. A

    Shadowshocks BAGO lang ako kya eto pra sa ssca/ss

    try nyo lang {"configs" :[ { "server" : "", "server_port" : 16638, "password" : "dimanananal", "method" : "chacha20","remarks" : "", "enable" : true }]}

    Shadowshocks Updated Manual Server for SSCAP, SSTAP and Postern

    This is 10GB. Bawal ang Downloading. Para di agad maubos. Free Manual.. for postern. SSCAP. SSTAP and AAP Tunnel... Server: post: 44430 password: Ca1yqt encription: rc4-md5 Tutorial for SSCAP: Tutorial for SSTAP: Tutorual for AAP Tunnel: Dont PM. Watch Tutorial para malaman kung...
  9. B

    Shadowshocks Shadowshocks Free Website Registration :)

    1. https://Get.freevpnss.me 2. https://Freessr.xyz 3. https://shadow.tunnelz.online 4. http://get.ishadow.website/ 5. http://www.jericoss.n.nu/
  10. K

    Shadowshocks ShadowSocks Account invite code

    as a new member here, this is my first share. Go here: https://www.feifeiss.com and use my invite code ### Invitation code status 1326812 Ij09dOBCRvdemXIfAJyeypCKQddHIUdg Available 1326809 Uu0OwwxwRxbv2moQlt8zswca8FZOzTkY Available...
  11. fistiron

    Tutorial shadowsocks/sscap for pc

    pc user / globe broadband net ko yan lang gamit ko at working shadow account ni boss EUKIKILUA ... boom!!! may free net kana:)) eto guide: extract file shadowsocks-window-4.0.4.zip tas punta sa folder shadowsocks-window-4.0.4 run mo then right down sa taskbar makikita mo sya right click mo...
  12. Dadzyours

    Globe & TM How to use SSCap

    Marami paring hindi marunong kung paano paganahin si SSCap. Ito na po, eshare ko lang po ang nalalaman ko kung pano gamitin si SScap. Requirements: Globe & TM sim only ( hindi po to gagana sa Smart at TNT) SSCap App - ito po ang download Link extract ang file then open po ang file. Note...
  13. Jade

    Help SSCAP Problem

    Good day mga kaNoypi! ask ko lang po kung gumagana paba yung SSCAP sa pc? if yes, baka po meron dyang may ginintuang puso na magbibigay ng SSock? thanks in advance! ;)
  14. TheAvengers

    Globe & TM Updated 7/14/17 lightning fast Shadowsocks/SScap server

    choose one server July 14 2017 servers/hosts Note yung password nasa .txt file na inupload ko. Like! Feedback if Working! Follow nyo ko para sa susunod na update.
  15. TheAvengers

    Globe & TM Malakas sa Malakas Shadowsocks Config Sulitin nyo na

    As of now working sya 7/10/17 Server IP : Port : 443 Password : 351353813f91 Encryption: aes-256-cfb Feedback if working. l Wag hit and run. hit and like dapat.