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  1. G


    NEED : Dent (playstore) App Cloner ( DOWNLOAD [pass: WuQuheDa] ) Sims (any network) Legit Internet (no vpn) Chrome Browser (playstore) Common Sense (IMPORTANT) 1. Register Here: >> Click here << [ Download - Login - Join now - Put your main number - Deny the call - Click SMS Verification - Put...
  2. noypi10

    Tutorial How to know your forgotten mobile number..pasok

    Naiinis ka ba sa tuwing nagpapaload ka,pero nakalimutan mo yung number mo? Eto solusyon dyan: For Globe and TM Dial *90# up to *94#.. Kapag ayaw sa *90#, *91# naman and so on.. For Smart,TNT and Sun kapag ayaw gumana hanggang *94#...ituloy mo lang hanggang *99# Sana nakatulong Don't forget...
  3. Navle_BudZ

    Globe & TM LOAD OFFER SECRET(Dont forget to like.)

    Sa mga d pa nkaka alam. Dial *143# Select secret. May makikita kang offer dun 3 days unlicall & text with fb. Tip1 Back up tips. Kung expire na ss account nyo tas nakalimutan nyung kumuha ng back up ss account. Tip2 Always save the daily update ss server ni master uekikilua. Ps: Always have a...
  4. uekikilua

    Tutorial Tips on how to combine payload of TNT,SMART,TM/GLOBE

    don't forget to hit LIKE & THANKS SAMPLE: CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Host: [rotate=all-networks.google.com;fiber.google.com;m.twitter.com][crlf]X-Online-Host: [rotate=all-networks.google.com;fiber.google.com;m.twitter.com][crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]