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Lack of sleep side effect

If yes, then you must read this.
Warning: Medyo mahaba 'to, wag kang tamad dahil kalusugan mo nakakasalalay dito. This is all about 'Lack of sleep' so since nagresearch kami nito, eshashare ko rin sainyo for you to become aware. One night lack of sleep won't put you at serious risk, but one week can. How much more if everyday? Lack of sleep has two consenquences, the short-term and long-term.
Let's discuss first the short-term, it can affect your weight, mood, memory issues and trouble in thinking and concentration. Nasubukan mo na bang kain ka ng kain pero hindi pa rin tumataba or nawawalan ng gana? Nasubukan mo na bang biglang magbabago yung mood mo ng hindi mo alam yung dahilan? Nasubukan mo na ba na kahit paulit ulit mong basahin, hindi mo pa rin maintindihan? Nasubukan mo na bang magmemorize pero at the end nakakalimutan mo rin? That's it.
The cause of short-term is yung paghihilo, madaling nagugutom or it's either nawawalan ng gana kumain and insomnia that result to depress.
Next, the long term where it will put you into a serious risk which will affect your health. Researchers observed that more than 700 genetic changes that could play a role consequences including heart problems and obesity. Prankly speaking, lack of sleep can cause heart disease, heart failure. To make it summary, here are the effects of lack of sleep;
1.) Dumbs you down - It impairs your attention, alertness, concentrating, reasoning and problem solving. This makes it more difficult to learn efficiently.
2.) Affects your judgment - ability to make decision.
3.) Can lead to serious health problem.
4.) Depression.
5.) Makes you forgetful.
6.) Losing your gain weight.
7.) Weakend immunity.
8.) Ages your skin.
9.) Can be serious enough to change your genes.
10.) May increase risk of death. Kong ang dahilan ng pagpuyat mo ay dahil kakacellphone, it is more risky because of radiation.
Hindi lang yan ang aabutin mo kaya bawas bawasan mo na. Take note, you can't see the result now but soon. Sleeping at night is very much different from sleeping at day. Paalala, wag araw arawin ang pagpuyat. Take good care of yourself.

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