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TIPS : How to Block ADS without any Adblock/External Program or Plugin.


Noypi Moderator
Staff member

Skype, Chrome, Edge, Opera, ANYTHING
First, you need to go this Directory
find the hosts file
by default its set to read only
Right-Click on it, click properties, then un-check Read-only
After you've done that, click on the hosts file, then open it with Notepad
Delete everything in there, then go to
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And Copy+Paste everything into the hosts file you just cleared out.
Save it
Important: Don't Give any Extension To This File.



Basically what this does is redirect every single ad provider known to, making them timeout immediately, which makes them not show up at all.

You wont see ads on YouTube Videos, Twitch Streams, Skype, or anything that uses ads.

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